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October 1999

1: Try Solitude  by Fr. Henri J.M. Nouwen.  When St. Anthony heard the word of Jesus, he withdrew into the complete solitude of the desert.  Solitude is the furnace of transformation.  In solitude we recharge our batteries.  Fr. Nouwen's suggests you set apart a time and a place to be with the Lord?

2: The Way to God by Dom Hubert Van Zeller.  Too many of us value the display of religion more than religion itself.  Fr. Van Zeller writes about the spirit of love that is the hallmark of a religious person.

3: Separate Checks?   by Rev. Joseph Landi, Editor.   Who might be watching when we deal with those who serve us? Sit at the next table and witness a real life situation.

4: Life, A Divine Gift    by Rev. J. Michael Miller, C.S.B.   Will good be powerful enough to triumph over evil?  Who does our life belong to?  Some interesting questions here with positive answers.

5: The Risks of Keeping a Gun  by Rev.  John S. Rausch.  Catholic moral theology accepts self-defense with reasonable force against an unjust aggressor.  A true and tragic story of the dangers of a gun in the house for self defense.

6: Prayer of Pope John Paul Make his prayer for the Third Year of Preparation for the new millennium your prayer, too.

7: Scripture Study & Reflection--Acts of the Apostles All of us are limited by our human nature.  Peter and John's story of the healing of the crippled man is a wonderful parable of the generosity of love. (Acts 3:1-26).

8: Doesn't God Work In...   Learn what happens when a poor Scottish farmer saves a boy trapped in a bog and then refuses payment for saving the boy's life.

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