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*Blowing in the Wind--See how many of these questions you can answer. (Answers are at the end of the article)1. What Old Testament book speaks of life as a "chasing after the wind"? 2. Where were the disciples when they heard a noise that sounded like a mighty wind filling the house they had gathered in? 3. Who had a dream of seven heads of grain being scorched by a hot east wind? 4. What loathsome creatures did God drive into Egypt with an east wind? 5. What prophet was told to cut off his hair and scatter a third of it in the wind? 6. How long did the wind that parted the Red Sea blow? 7. According to James, what sort of person is like a wave tossed by the wind? 8. What prophet experienced a furious wind that split the hills and shattered the rocks? 9. Whose children were destroyed when a strong wind struck the house in which they were banqueting?10. According to the Book of Job, what directional wind will inevitably strike down the wicked? 11. What epistle compares false teachers to rainless clouds blown about by the wind? 12. According to Psalms, what sort of people are like chaff that the wind blows away? 13. Who did God address from a whirlwind? 14. According to Jesus, what sort of man sees his house fall when the winds beat against it? 15. What was blown out of Egypt by a strong west wind? 16. Who had a dream about a statue that crumbled into dust that was driven away by the wind? 17. What prophet spoke of people who sow a wind and reap a whirlwind? 18. What runaway boarded a ship that the Lord struck with a strong wind? 19. What prophet suffered from a hot east wind after his shade plant was eaten by a worm? 20. Who lost faith and began to flounder when he noticed the strong wind on a lake? answers: 1. Ecclesiastes (chapters 1 and 2) 2. Jerusalem (Acts 2:2) 3. Pharaoh (Genesis 41:6) 4. Locusts (Exodus 10:13) 5. Ezekiel (5:2) 6. All night (Exodus 14:21) 7.A doubter (James 1:6) 8 .Elijah (1 Kings 19:11) 9. Job’s (job 1:19) 10. East (Job 27:21) 11. Jude (12) 12. The wicked (Psalm 1:4) 13 .Job (38:1) 14. The foolish man who builds on the sand (Matthew 7:26-27) 15. Locusts (Exodus 10:19) 16. Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 2:35) 17. Hosea (8:7) 18. Jonah (1:4) 19. Jonah (4:8) 20. Peter (Matthew 14:30)

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