Healing Ourselves By Father Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J.

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Some Christians seem to think there is forgiveness for everyone, but not for themselves. This is perhaps one of the most difficult areas for Christians. Even though they know that the Lord Jesus has forgiven them, they cannot forgive themselves for their sins and offenses. Experience has shown us that this can be a large barrier to the healing love of Jesus.

Another barrier to prayer for healing of hurts and pains is a subconscious resentment towards God. This is quite common and nothing we should feel guilty over. We must bear in mind that objectively we all realize that God is perfect and can do no wrong. However, subjectively we can see such things as the death of a loved one, unanswered prayer, or other hardships such as hurts and pains seemingly imposed on us by God. Intellectually we may know we are wrong, but the emotions of resentment and unforgiveness remain, and these act as barriers for healing until we express forgiveness for what we see as resentment toward God.

It is difficult to forgive, as most of our painful memories are buried in our subconscious mind. If we invite the Holy Spirit into it through the "Forgiveness Prayer," He will surface many forgotten memories, especially from our childhood. As we forgive these people, we are set free in a new way.

I have seen many serious illnesses healed as people recited the "Forgiveness Prayer" for 30 days. One woman told me that she had divorced her husband, and after 30 days on the "Forgiveness Prayer," she remarried him. Another woman mentioned that her husband said the prayer for three years and now "He is a totally different person."

You are invited to try this forgiveness program that will bring healing and holiness to you and helpfulness to others. A copy of the "Forgiveness Prayer" will be given to everyone who donates to the Friends of the Good News during January 1999. Send a tax deductible donation to Friends of the Good News, Attn: Fr. Joe Landi, 2555 17th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116.

Read other articles of spiritual enlightenment in the January 1999 edition of The San Francisco Charismatics or return to the Main Menu by clicking on the blue. Father Robert DeGrandis, the author of 33 books on the power of healing, is a member of the Society of St. Joseph, serving the world wide charismatic Catholic community. This article was condensed from "To Love is to Forgive" 1997 Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J., which is available from H.O.M Books, (508) 454-7408. Used with permission of the author. He will be back in San Francisco with his healing ministry for our May 1999 First Friday Mass .