So you know the Bible. How well?

1. Who had a miraculous well opened up for him after he worked up a thirst in battle?

2. What king dug wells in the desert?

3. What king ordered the construction of the Sea, the Great Basin in the temple court?

4. What exiled woman did an angel at a well approach?

5. What army man was at the well of Sirah when Joab’s men summoned him to his death?

6. Who escaped from Absalom's men by hiding in a well?

7. Who met his future wife at a well in Midian?

8. Who found a wife for Isaac at the well of Nahor?

9. Who longed for a drink from the well at Bethlehem?

10. What book contains laws telling owners of cisterns what to do if a person or animal accidentally falls in?

11. What prophet was imprisoned in a cistern?

12. Who met his future wife by a well when she came to water her sheep?

13. Where did God pare down Gideon's troops to three hundred men?

14. Who had servants who named their wells Esek, Sitnah, Rehoboth, and Beersheba?

15. What son of Jacob nearly perished in a cistern?

16. Who promised the citizens of Jerusalem that they could be free to drink from their own cisterns if they would surrender to Assyria?

17. In what country did Jesus talk with an immoral woman beside a well?

18. Who tried to take the well of Beersheba away from Abraham?

Answers: 1. Samson (Judges 15:18-20) 2. Uzziah (2 Chronicles 26:10) 3. Solomon (I Kings 7:23) 4. Hagar (Genesis 16:7-14) 5. Abner (2 Samuel 3:26-27) 6. Ahimaaz and Jonathan (2 Samuel 17:17-21) 7. Moses (Exodus 2:15-21) 8. Abraham's servant (Genesis 24) 9. David (2 Samuel 23:14-17) 10. Exodus (21:33-34) 11 Jeremiah (38:6) 12. Jacob (Genesis 29:1-12) 13. The well of Harod (Judges 7:1-7) 14. Isaac (Genesis 26:17-33) 15. Joseph (Genesis 37:22) 16. Rabshakeh (2 Kings 18:31) 17. Samaria (John 4:5-15) 18. Abimelech (Genesis 21:22-32)

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