Name that Bible

1. What book, published in its entirety in 1971, has been the best-selling paraphrase of the Holy Bible?

2. What translation, popular with contemporary evangelicals, was done under the auspices of the New York International Bible Society and published in 1978?

3. What famous Greek version of the Old Testament, usually designated by LXX, was supposed to have been completed by seventy scholars working in Alexandria, Egypt, around 250 BC?

4. What are the oldest existing copies of pieces of several Old Testament books called?

5. What Bible, now in the British Museum, is the oldest complete Bible in existence?

6. What famous church scholar made the much-used Latin translation known as the Vulgate?

7. What king of England and Scotland authorized a translation of the Bible that was published in 1611?

8. What, until recent years, was the most popular English Bible used by Roman Catholics?

9. What is the alternate title of the American Bible Society’s translation of Today’s English Version?

10. What English king ordered the execution of Bible translator Tyndale and then had a translation dedicated to him by Tyndale’s friend Coverdale?

11. What medieval Englishman translated the Latin Bible’s New Testament into English and encouraged further translation work?

12. What large English Bible, published in 1539, was chained to the reading desk in English churches?

13. What widely used revision of the King James Version was published in 1952 under the auspices of the International Council of Religious Education?

14. What was the first Bible printed from movable type?

Answers: 1. The Living Bible 2. The New International Version 3. The Septuagint 4. The Dead Sea Scrolls 5. Codex Sinaiticus 6. Jerome 7. James I 8. The Douay Version 9. The Good News Bible 10. Henry VIII 11. John Wycliffe 12. The Great Bible 13. The Revised Standard Version 14. The Mazarin Bible, a.k.a., The Gutenberg Bible or 42-line Bible published by Johann Gutenberg in Mainz, Germany circa 1456.

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