The Holy Spirit and the Great Jubilee by Pope John Paul II
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"The Church cannot prepare for the new millennium in any other way than in the Holy Spirit. The Spirit makes present in the Church of every time and place the unique Revelation brought by Christ to humanity, making it alive and active in the soul of each individual" (Tertio Millennio Adveniente, n. 44).

THE LIGHT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT--To believe is to see things as God sees them, to share God’s vision of the world and of man according to the words of the psalm: "for in Your light do we see light" (Ps 36 [35]: 9). This "light of faith" in us is a ray of the Holy Spirit’s light.

COMPLETE CHANGE--When the risen Christ makes Himself present in people’s lives and gives them His Spirit (cf. Jn 20:22), they completely change, although they remain, indeed become, fully themselves.

HOW TO TOUCH JESUS--Through the work of the One Who is the "living remembrance" of Jesus (CF Jn 14:26) in the heart of the Church, Jesus’ paschal mystery reaches and transforms us. He is the Holy Spirit Who, through the visible, audible and tangible signs of the sacraments, permits us to see, listen and touch humanity glorified by the risen Christ.

DOCILITY, FREEDOM AND FIDELITY--The Holy Spirit gives the Christian-whose life would otherwise risk being subject only to force, to rules and even to external conformism—docility, freedom and fidelity.

THE SPIRIT MAKES US BOLD--The Holy Spirit makes us bold and urges us to contemplate God’s glory in our daily life and work. It spurs us to experience the mystery of Christ, to make the Word resound in our whole life, in the certainty that He will always have something new to say.

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