John Paul II Speaks about The Family


"GOD CALLS YOU TO HOLINESS!" Parents and families of the whole world, let me say to you: God calls you to holiness! He Himself has chosen you "before the creation of the world...... to be holy and blameless before Him… through Jesus Christ" (Eph 1:4).

HOLY FAMILIES AND INTERNATIONAL RENEWAL May the holiness of families become the leaven of interior renewal for individuals and nations!

"THE LOFTY MISSION" OF FAMILIES Dear families, be ever aware of the lofty mission that God entrusts to you, and use every possible means to build the civilization of love and life.

THE FAMILY, THE CHURCH, AND SOCIETY As the family goes, so goes the Church, and so goes human society as a whole.

THE FAMILY IS IRREPLACEABLE The family is a community that cannot be replaced by any other.

PARENTS, PRAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN Only when parents pray with their children can they truly transmit the truths and values of the faith. May the Holy Family of Nazareth be your model and guide.

NO HAPPINESS WITHOUT FIDELITY He [Jesus] loves you passionately, He desires your happiness, but He wants you to be always able to combine fidelity with happiness, because one cannot exist without the other.

"THE SANCTIFYING CENTER" The mutual gift of self, blessed by God and imbued with faith, hope, and love, will enable both spouses to achieve perfection and sanctification...It will serve as the sanctifying center of one’s own family and of spreading the work of evangelizing the whole Christian home.

(Sources: Homily and Angelus Message at Mass for Second World Meeting with Families, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 5, 1997. 1998 Presentation Ministries, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211. Visit their web site @ Reprinted in May 1998 edition of The San Francisco Charismatics (ISSN 1098-4046). Series subscription purchased by donations to the Friends of the Good News.)

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