John Paul II Speaks about Forgiveness and Peace



No process of peace can ever begin unless an attitude of sincere forgiveness takes root in human hearts...Offering and accepting forgiveness is the essential condition for making the journey towards authentic and lasting peace.


Forgiveness is inspired by the logic of love, that love which God has for every man and woman, for every people and nation, and for the whole human family...God’s forgiveness becomes in our hearts an inexhaustible source of our forgiveness in our relationships with one another...

"DON'T BE A PRISONER OF THE PAST"? One cannot remain a prisoner of the past, for individuals and peoples need a sort of "healing of memories", so that past evils will not come back again...The deadly cycle of revenge must be replaced by the new-found liberty of forgiveness.

"THE ONLY WAY OUT" Lasting peace...rests above all on the adoption of a style of human coexistence marked by mutual acceptance and a capacity to forgive from the heart. Asking and granting forgiveness is something profoundly worthy of man; sometimes it is the only way out of situations marked by age-old and violent hatred.

"THE LIBERATING ENCOUNTER" The liberating encounter with forgiveness, though fraught with difficulties, can be experienced even by a wounded heart, thanks to the healing power of love, which has its first source in God Who is love.

"OFFER FORGIVENESS AND RECEIVE PEACE" To every person of goodwill, eager to work tirelessly in the building of a new civilization of love, I say once more: Offer forgiveness and receive peace!

Source: Message for 1997 World Day of Peace, issued December 8, 1997. 1998 Presentation Ministries, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211, phone: (513) 662-JESU or visit their web site @