On the lighter side..."A cheerful heart is the health of the body."* *Proverbs 17:22



•Philanthropist Charles Feeney, being interviewed by Maureen Dowd for a column in The New York Times, recalled a pop quiz in a course on money and banking he had taken while a student a Cornell: "I got my paper back with a note from the professor: ‘You have a flair for writing, but no knowledge of the subject matter. Consider Journalism.’"

•Asked about prayers at home, one child replied: "We don’t say prayers at home while at dinner. We just sit down and eat, that is...unless our relatives come over."

•Sister asked her class, "If you had two cookies...a big one and a little one...which one would you give to your brother?" "I have a question," asked one boy. "Yes? What is it?" Sister replied. "Am I supposed to give it to my big brother or my little brother?"

•"Have you heard the one about the church bell?" "Nope. Tell me." "Can’t tell you. It ain't been tolled yet."

Sister was telling the class the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and was making a tremendous impression with her story. "Lot was warned to take his wife and flee out of the city that was going to be destroyed. They were not to look back, but Lot’s wife did look back and was turned into a pillar of salt. "And now, children are there any questions?" she asked. "Yes," one boy replied. "Whatever happened to the flea?"

•A woman tourist was admiring a native’s necklace. "What is it made of? she inquired. "Alligator teeth, ma’am," came the reply. "I suppose they have the same value for you people that pearls have for us." "Not quite," he replied. "Anyone can open an oyster."

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