On the lighter side..."A cheerful heart is a good medicine" Proverbs 17:22


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How to get along at the office: If it rings, put it on hold. If it clanks, call computer repair. If it whistles, ignore it. If it’s a friend, take a break. If it’s a boss, look busy. If it talks, take notes. If it’s handwritten, type it. If it’s copied, file it. If it’s Friday, forget it!

Time: God invented time to keep everything from happening at once.

About to eat lunch at grandmother’s house, a small boy cried, "Grandma, we forgot to pray. We always pray at our other grandma’s." His older sister poked him, saying, "We don’t have to pray here. This grandma’s food is always good."

Or, as we say here, "Have a nice day..."When I was in India last summer, I read with astonishment these never-to-be-forgotten words: "May the all-seeing eye, dwelling in the treetop of infinite knowledge, bring its radiant light of exquisite peace and infinite understanding upon the tranquil green meadows of the turbulent night of your hours of darkness." Why was I astonished? It was written on a bumper sticker!

Seven Ways to Brighten Today •Pick up the telephone and renew an old friendship. •Do something nice and unexpected for someone who’s down. •Smile at everyone you see. •Have lunch with a friend, a child, or a grand-child. •Send a thank you note to someone who has enriched your life. •Count your blessings, then thank God—to make Him smile! —The Christopher News Notes

Mother trying to teach her child good manners, "What is the magic word to get what you want?" Child, "Grandma."