Articles of Spiritual Enlightenment selected from the San Francisco Charismatics, (ISSN 1098-4046) published monthly by the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Office of the Charismatic Renewal

December, 1997

Article 1: Pray, Pay and Obey

by Charles Whitehead

Article 2: Seminarians and Devotion to Mary

by Rev. Gerald D. Coleman, S.S.

Article 3: Mary's Mediation

by John Paul II

Article 4: Christmas--A Time to Reflect

by Rev. Joe Landi

Article 5: The Desert Experience

by John Murphy

Article 6: Luke’s life...

by Rev. Charles Mangan

Article 7: A Morally Bankrupt Teacher?

Reflections on Veritatis Splendor by Rev. Alfred McBride, O. Praem.

Article 8: On the lighter side...

Jokes you can tell your grandmother

Article 9: The Biblical Message Concerning Life

Reflections on Evangelium Vitae by Fr. J. Michael Miller, C.S.B.

Article 10: Scripture Study--The Apocalypse

Revelation 15:1-4

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