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The Rite Stuff by Kevin Orlin Johnson, Ph.D.    Deleted at the request of the copyright holder. 
The Rhythm of Life  by Matthew Kelly.  How do you see the world?  Is it like the city you live in? You'll be surprised at this a synopsis of the world's population.
Goodness Will Out
by Rev. Joseph Landi, Editor.   How should we act in a crisis?  Remember, being good is inseparable from doing good.  
The Point About Prayer  by Dom Hubert van Zeller, O.S.B.   People are apt to make two mistakes about prayer: they either imagine it to be so easy that they can manage it at once, or else so difficult that it is not worth while going on with.  
One Last Word
by Rev.  John S. Rausch.   The Church sees healthcare as a basic human right, not simply a commodity.  
Canticle of Praise  by Pope John Paul IIThe canticle of intense praise that the First Book of Chronicles puts on the lips of David, "Blessed are you, O Lord...." 
Smugness  by Robert P. Warnak, S.S.   Are you member of the "in" or "out" group.



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