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The Mystery of Calvary by Gerard Rooney, C .P.    Lives of great men are written to tell us how they live.  The life of God on earth  is written to tell us how he died to make men gods. 
The Way of Salvation  by Fr. Vincent McCorry, S. J.  The person who believes in what the Acts of the Apostles calls the Way with its ideals, motives and goals will not be faulted if we periodically reflect on the issue of how salvation is to be achieved.  
The Hypocrite & the Martyr  by Rev. Joseph Landi, Editor.   Portraying himself as a martyr being hounded by a conspiracy to discredit him for leading protests of voting-rights abuses, Jessie Jackson should read the story of a real modern day martyr, Mary Egan. 
Remember Me When...  by Luigi Santucci    The thief hanging by Jesus' side was the only one who still believed that he was dying beside a king.  
Cheap Chickens Costs a Lot
by Rev.  John S. Rausch.   "Voices and Choices" like most pastorals from regional bishops represents a moral teaching .  The pastoral is teaching people of faith that cheap chicken actually costs a lot, and eating is a moral act.  
Forward Together To Full Unity  by Pope John Paul IIThe ecumenical movement of the 20th century had the great distinction of clearly reaffirming the need for a rebirth in Christians of the realization that faith in Christ unites them and can be the force capable of overcoming all that separates them.   
Suffering in Joy  by Hubert Van Zeller, O.S.B.   Suffering, left to itself, does not necessarily purify the soul.  There is no guarantee that the sufferer is a better person than the non-sufferer.  Then what is the principle of sacrifice?



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