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A Communion with God by Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens    The "Shepard" of the Charismatic Renewal gives insight into a communion that we may not have understood.  One that is the most wonderful communion of all.  And, it is always in reach. 
Man At Prayer by Fr. Vincent McCorry  A committed Christian knows well that he ought to pray.  However, if prayer were perfectly natural in the sense of being perfectly easy, there would be little point in Christ's repeated imperatives on the subject. 
Clothes Make the Man  by Rev. Joseph Landi, Editor.   To wear or not to wear.  Do clerics help make the priest celibate?  Perhaps.  And going into a garage makes us automobiles. 
The Meek Will Survive  by Benedict J. Goreschel, C.F.R.    Scripture says that the meek will inherit the earth.  Do ;you know how?  What is our reward for meekness? 
A Disaster Little Noted
by Rev.  John S. Rausch.   An ecological disaster 20 times the volume of the Exxon Valdez spill was little noted but those who experienced it will never be the same.  People of faith recognize the responsibility.  
The Earth & Our Stewardship  by Pope John Paul IIChristians are called to cooperate with the Creator build on earth a home for man  We are called to recognize the autonomy of earthy realities and also effectively to proclaim the priority of ethics over techniques, the primacy of the person over things, the superiority of the Spirit over matter. 
Attitudes Toward the Church   by Fr. Frank B. Norris, S.S.   For some, the Catholic Church is a threat to a free and decent way of life.  Others see it in a more spiritual light but as something distinct from themselves personally. What do you see?



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