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Listening to the Word by Romano Guardini    The word of God gains its full power only when it is heard.  To have ears to hear requires grace.  For only he whose ears God has opened, can hear God's word.  Can you hear?  
Crisis at a Wedding by Fr. Vincent McCorry  Where does Scripture reflect  Mary's power over Jesus?  Hear it in her own words spoken at the wedding at Cana.
A Chad to Remember  by Rev. Joseph Landi, Editor.   We almost voted none of the above in the last presidential election and 100 million of us didn't vote at all.  If you think your vote doesn't count, read this!
New Century, New Movements  by Bp. B. Dembowski .    The Holy Spirit may be moving the Church in new directions as traditional religion is fading.  What will the 21 Century bring?
Earth Day on the Farm
by Rev.  John S. Rausch.   A new model in agriculture gets priorities such as safe and healthy food, stabilized rural economies, environmental respect and sustainable methods.  As a Christian and a consumer you can do your part. 
Interreligious Dialogue  by Pope John Paul II The Church's mission is to foster the kingdom of our Lord and his Christ at whose service she is placed.  Part of her role consists in recognizing that the inchoate reality of this kingdom can be found also beyond the confines of the Church 
Power of the Spirit   by Fr. Peter Coughlins.   When we give control of our lives to the Lord we receive what we call the baptism or the release of the Holy Spirit.  The power can change your life.



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