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Falling In Love Again by Fr. Kilian J. Healy, O.Carm.     Yes, it is possible to fall in love with God, to think of Him continually and to try to please him.  Here is an insight on how. 
A Baptism in the Holy Spirit  by Fr. Edward D. O'Connor.   From the experience of the Charismatic Renewal movement, it is clear that the baptism in the Spirit takes different forms and has different effects from one person to another. 
Proposition 38 and Catholic Schools  by Rev. Joseph Landi, Editor.   Don't look for the passage of Proposition 38 to help Catholic school children's parents.  The forces of darkness will see to that. 
Unity, a Challenge for the Third Millennium  by Fr. Pierre-Marrie.    The Christian Church as One, is not a matter for us but for God, who does not change his mind even when fashion passes.  
What Would Jesus Do? by Rev.  John S. Rausch.   What did you do on Labor Day?  Did you give much thought to the underlying social significance of the day?  
The Definitive Revelation of God   by Pope John Paul IIThe purpose of Christ's coming among us is to lead us to the Father and our encounter with Christ occurs in everyday life.  
Behind every bad man is...   (Bible Study, Book of Kings)  The story of King Ahab reminds us of the burden or blessing that leaders can be.  
Our Relationship with Others   by Edward Carter, S.J.   In order to be in touch with the inner self of others, we must be in touch with our own inner self.



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