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  A Journey of Faith  by Babsie Bleasdell    Popular speaker and teacher Babsie Bleasdell offers practical and inspirational insights from her own experiences into how to find deep joy, contentment, and purpose through a fuller understanding of the Holy Spirit.  
The Desert Experience 
by Bishop Joseph McKinney.   Is your life hectic?  You might find the desert in your own back yard and experience it to renew your faith as did Jesus.
  Join the Moral Minority  by Rev. Joseph Landi, Editor.   The Sierra Club's hidden pro-abortion agenda causes Fr. Landi to urge Catholics and people of good will not to renew their membership until they drop that agenda. (Second of a series) 
Proving the Obvious  by Fr. Kilian McDonnell    Sometimes non-Catholics object that Mary obscures Christ.   How do we prove that she doesn't. 
  Journey to Justice by Rev.  John S. Rausch.   An insight into how one Catholic parish moved from Charity to Justice and why they chose to do it.
Christ is the Center   by Pope John Paul IIThe Holy Year, which we are celebrating, underlines in a special way the fact that Christ is the center and the meaning of all that happens.
  Evidence Against the Papacy   by Patrick MadridIt is only proper that Christians are reminded of the reality of suffering and the need to preserver through moments of trial. 



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