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The Moral Minority Votes: Vatican, Yes. Sierra Club, No.
By Fr. Joe Landi, Editor 

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by Rissa Singson.

          During the homily by Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, President Clinton stood during the spontaneous ovation, which followed after Law, reflecting on Cardinal O’Connor’s life said, “What a great legacy he has left us in his constant reminder that the Church must be unambiguously pro life.”  The people were standing because they admired and supported O'Connor's pro-life position that every life is a joyous gift from God.   God only knows why President Clinton—the consummate pro-choicer, was standing.   He certainly wasn’t standing in support of the pro-life movement—that is, unless he had a sudden conversion in the magnitude of C.S. Lewis’—an avowed atheist who was “surprised by joy” and came to faith in Jesus.  Perhaps Clinton was standing for the joy in having a mother who didn’t abort him.  Or, perhaps he was just pandering to the standing majority, thereby fulfilling the legacy of his hypocritical presidency.

          When Law reflected upon the good Christian works of John Cardinal O’Connor, who stood and toiled unequivocally for the Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life, and of the traditional Catholic social-justice agenda, it begs the question we all should ask ourselves, “What do we stand for?”  When it comes to being a good politician, hypocrisy apparently gets votes.  But when it comes to being a good Christian, hypocrisy is not a virtue.  Jesus had some powerful words to and for hypocrites. 

          Organizations can be hypocritical, too. My exposé last month about the Sierra Club’s hidden pro-abortion agenda used to support its purported co-sponsorship of the movement to oust the Vatican from the United Nations gives an insight. The article was picked up by the national news services and the facts of the story had been verified by their spokesperson, Carole Schlitt.  However, Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, in a statement released because of the adverse publicity, shows some back-paddling.   He claims It was all a mistake“...due to an internal communications failure, we mistakenly informed the (See Change) Campaign that we had gone through the necessary steps and had joined their efforts.” Does this mean that when they go through the necessary steps—whatever that means—they will be joining? Talk about strange bedfellows—the Sierra Club supporting pagan groups like American Atheists, Inc., Atheists United, and the rascals, “Catholics for a Free Choice”, a pro-abortion advocacy organization that has no relationship to reality or the Catholic Church.

          Pope (Carl, not John Paul) also stated, “While we value the efforts of the Catholic Church in raising global consciousness for environmental protection the Sierra Club remains extremely concerned about the way in which the Holy See uses its influence at the United Nations…”   As a Sierra Club member, I am “extremely concerned” about the way money raised for protecting the environment is being used for pro-abortion purposes.   Catholics who have learned of this say they will not renew their membership. Me, too. “Out of the bedroom into the forest”, is our motto! Look for us at the next Sierra Club annual meeting.   It is time to take a stand against abortion.  As Catholics and good Christians we must not support organizations or people who promote abortion.  There are alternatives to abortion and we Christians must support with our time, talents and treasures those who decide to use them.  We must never be in the group that hates the sinner and the sin. We must love the sinner and not judge the sin.

         The most feeble reasoning given by the pro-choice sympathizers is a concocted “truth” that everyone has the right of control over their own body. Or, “It is up to the individual conscience to determine what is good for them.” Who says?  Did God teach, “Be like me and create your body and then do what you want with it?”  Unfortunately, too many in our pagan society think they have the right to decide for themselves what is good and what is evil.  They see no evil in discarding the unborn, even using their human parts, as if they were as inconsequential as plastic water bottles 

          There is a universal truth about good and evil and God teaches this truth through Scriptures and the encyclicals of the popes. That truth resonates to the good implanted in us by God.  Pope John Paul II’s truth in Veritatis Splendor: Living the Good Life, is that “There is a tendency to grant to the individual conscience the prerogative of independently determining the criteria of good and evil and then acting accordingly.”   Isn't this the creed of the pro-choice people?

          Just because our views of pro-life are that of the minority does not mean that we do not have the power to influence the majority to be morally responsible.  Our voice counts more than those who support the killings of babies, because when we speak with the moral authority given us by a loving God, we speak with the power of God.

          What kind of legacy do you want to leave?  Do you want to be remembered as a good Christian toiling in the work of the Gospel?   Standing together, ultimately the combined voices of the moral minority will stop the abortion holocaust if we speak with the eloquence of Christian love.   For without love we are “simply a gong booming or a cymbal clashing” and our efforts will amount to nothing at all.  Will you stand with us?  

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