The Sierra Club vs. the Vatican... Vatican, Yes. Sierra Club, No.
By Fr. Joe Landi, Editor 

When I joined the Sierra Club, I had no idea I was joining a pro-abortion group co-sponsoring the downgrade of the Vatican's status at the United Nations.   
This is an ill-advised political movement by pro-abortion groups that want to remove the Holy See from its status as a permanent observer at the United Nations.  The Holy See has been opposing the radical, pro-abortion agenda that currently dominates UN policy.  Pro-abortion groups want to silence that opposition.  
It appears as if the Holy See incurred the wrath of the Sierra Club and some non-governmental organizations that want to attack the population explosion predicted in the 60's by killing babies and limiting families to not "more than two natural children".  Aren't they aware that the reasons adduced in support of population control have gradually changed? For example, in 2050 Italy will need to import 300,000 workers annually to maintain the same work force it had in 1995.  
We have had such a non-population explosion here that last year the Immigration and Naturalization Service exceeded the annual 115,000 mandated ceiling by over 20,000 visas for skilled workers.  In short, like many myths considered dogmas of the 60's, the world population boom was an exaggeration.  What has happened since the 60's is that a small portion of the world's population is courting environmental disaster by using more than their fair share of the resources of the planet.  I won't cast aspersions on any country or mention any names but its initials are U.S.A. 
As a Sierra Club member, unbeknown to me, my dollars are supporting an organization that advocates the change of state and federal laws that restrict abortion and contraception--a policy adopted by the Board of Directors, June 4, 1970.   

As someone concerned about the environment, I feel that saving wilderness sites and wetlands is one thing, but population control to protect it is quite another.  Had I known about the "Population Policy" which is the basis to pit the Sierra Club against the Vatican, I would not have joined in the first place.  That population policy has resulted in the ill-advised co-sponsorship to out the Vatican, which has no vote in the General Assembly, just a voice at the table.  "Apparently that is too much for the abortion activists, " according to Sen. Rick Santorum,
R-PA.  He has introduced a Senate resolution condemning the efforts of pro-abortion groups that want to remove the Holy See from its permanent observer’s status at the UN.  Rep. Chris Smith, R-NY, has introduced a similar resolution in the House.   

As a state and member of the UN for 36 years, the Vatican elected not to have a vote, just a voice at the table.  It is not the only small state, nor is it the only state that has a state religion or no religion at all.  

I have written to all the candidates on the Sierra Club's 2000 National Election Ballot running for the board of directors.  Most did not know that it is a co-sponsor of the judas organization, Catholics for Free Choice’s agenda.  (The organization is someone's illegitimate brainchild funded by pro-baby killers and conceived out of the habit to annoy Catholics for the Church's teachings.)  Some candidates do not support this action taken by one of its committees, a few do.  If enough members disagree on this co-sponsorship, hopefully the board of directors will review it. 
According to Pope John Paul II in his encyclical, Evangelium Vitae, "To claim the right to abortion, infanticide and euthanasia, and to recognize that right in law means to attribute to human freedom a perverse and evil significance: that of an absolute power over other and against others."  Therefore, until such time as the Sierra Club aborts its co-sponsorship of the movement to downgrade the Holy See at the UN and revises its "Population Policy" to remove its support of abortion, I will not be renewing my membership.

            Furthermore, I urge Catholics and people of good will not to renew their membership until then, too. 

            In blessing Noah, God reaffirmed and renewed creation.  Let us work to protect and renew the world we live in through conservation and stewardship, rather than population control, for our sake and for generations yet unborn Join us with your support!