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  Mary, Our Mother    by Fr. Kilian McDonnell.  If we can feel and express tenderness for our earthly mother, surely we should be able to  express the same to our heavenly mother.   But, she is not one to whom we can turn and say "Mary: Mary!" and expect forth with  to be admitted to the kingdom of her son without amending our lives.
Develop Filial Trust by Bishop Joseph McKinney.   When we learn to trust God, we will never be tempted beyond what is possible with God's help.  Filial trust leads to a fearless life--God and you are a majority of one!
  Cry out in Horror by Rev. Joseph Landi, Editor.   Abortion is against moral law.  Moral law is not a mater of personal or group choice but lies in the objective moral law which may not necessarily be what the majority considers moral or actually practices. 
  The Content of Our Character  by Ward Connerly  The defense of our values define who we are and there is a profound weakening of our national character.  Mr. Connerly, Chairman of the American Civil Right Institute, is the University of California regent who led the successful effort to eliminate the consideration of race, gender, and ethnic origin in the admissions, contracting and employment activities of the university.  Here is an insight to his thinking.
  A Living Wage For Whom?   by Rev.  John S. Rausch. The best times for shareholders reveals still hard times for low wage worker.  CEO's pay raises equal 36% last year compared to a 2.7% increase for blue-collar workers and 0% for minimum wage earners.   Too many people are waiting for their ship to come in.   Will it bring them a living wage?
  A Message from Mt. Sinai    by Pope John Paul II.  On Mt Sinai, the truth of "who God is" became the foundation and guarantee of the Covenant for the Ten Commandments are not an arbitrary imposition of a tyrannical God.
  Easter and the Egg by Denise Malmquist-Little.  Generally speaking, rabbit eggs are a rarity.  However, in this article Denise has some interesting insight about the Easter egg and which came first--Easter or the egg.

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