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February 2000

The Boldness of the Renewal  by Mateo Calisi.  The Renewal is an extraordinary event of the Holy Spirit that will be destined to characterize the future of the Church itself.
Prophecies for the Millennium by Cindy Jacobs.  A group of high-level prophets met to seek God's face for a corporate Word.  It was to be shared with the Body of Christ.  What they received will surprise and perhaps trouble you.
Is This Healing for Real? by Rev. Joseph Landi, Editor.   Faith healing is a long-held Christian religious belief.   A look at some recent healing practices  and their excesses. 
Should Catholics Obey? by Rev. J. Michael Miller, C.S.B.  Those favoring anti-life practices defend their position in several ways.  The pope decent from their views. In Evangelium Vitae, he states why the protection of life is not a matter of personal choice.
Selling our Culture  by Rev.  John S. Rausch.  When the world celebrated the New Year, technology united the glove with a diverse cultural expression from around the world.  From Times Square USA, the world saw our  garish, materialistic culture of economics.
Urbi Et Orbi    A New Yea's Blessing from Pope John Paul II.  I wish you a year filled with peace: The peace of Christ.
Why We Need Churches? God is not limited to traditional worship service or social structures, but whether it be a tent of a temple, he has always chosen these places to meet his people.
A Challenge of the New Millennium   by Charles Whitehead.  To follow the Holy Spirit is always a challenge and not an easy journey--that is was otherwise many more pope would be willing to join us. 
Whose Celebrating this Millennium?  by Denise Malmquist-Little. Not all Christians are in agreement to the A.D.  dates on which we celebrate our Christian events. There are also other calendars whose followers aren't making a fuss other a "new millennium".   So why are we?

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